Any cheap online college classes for English that are accredited?

By | August 12, 2015

i need to finish some college level English classes to finish up my degree. was wondering if any one had any suggestion. looking around $200/unit or less.

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4 thoughts on “Any cheap online college classes for English that are accredited?

  1. packinrat

    When it comes to cheep you cant beat Free Open University. They are a homosocratic college that uses course material from Berkeley, MIT and others to provide an advanced education through the Socratic process.

  2. CoachT

    If we’re talking about Freshman English/composition then the cheapest will probably be Clovis Community College in New Mexico. They are regionally accredited and should transfer about everywhere. Last I looked they were about $40 per hour.

    Arizona Western Community College is about $62 per hour.

    If you want a 4-year; the two best options are:

    Brigham Young University – at about $141 per hour

    Louisiana State University – at about $250 per 3 hour course (not per hour) – this place is a bargain; you get quality, self-pace, great reputation, regional accreditation, name recognition, etc… for $250

  3. Penny G

    Online community college courses are a good way to go. Not too long ago I needed 2 english classes to complete my degree requirements. They were technical research and technical writing. I already had waaaaay more units than I needed, and my guidance counselor found one class that met both requirements at Rio Salado Community College in Arizona. I was very pleased with the experience. I even had a mishap half way through the class because I was very busy with an ill family member, and had to withdraw for the semester. The teacher of the online community college course was so kind, and when I re-enrolled in the course I was allowed to continue the lessons where I had left off, and I finished the course. It was a lot of work but I felt that the course work was well written and I had adequate instructions and interaction with the staff. You didn’t mention your location, but here’s some information you may find useful:

    I was attending Charter Oak College, which is a degree completion program. (Where you can transfer all your units to one college, and they’ll tell you which classes you need to complete your degree…) I’ll put the link in case you’re interested:

    Best of luck completing your degree with online community college courses, and congratulations!

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