Air Force Academy for a computer engineer?

By | October 22, 2015

I think I want to go to the Air Force Academy, but my father believes it would be a bad idea due to the commitment to the military afterward and spending years outside of the programming world. On the other hand, being in the Air Force Academy would open up doors to go to other universities like MIT after the end of my six year commitment to study for a masters in computer science or physics.
Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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3 thoughts on “Air Force Academy for a computer engineer?

  1. path less travelled

    The commitment? ‘So what! You will have to commit to something anyway somewhere along the line of trajectory — true? And what says you will do years outside the programming world? Where’s the evidence for that?

    Anyway, in addition to the field of biological sciences, the computer field changes outrageously fast. And so whether the Academy or MIT or whatever, you — yourself — will have to stay abreast of the sweeping changes that are sure to occur, in any case… Am I not correct?

    So why not the Air Force Academy? After all, in your own words you say “I think.” You did not say you ‘know’ or that you are ‘sure’. Also, the Air Force will present to you experiences that civilian life will not, does not, and cannot afford you. ‘See?

    Go with the Air Force. There must be something evidencing inside you that you fancy this route in the first place as opposed to going the route of a state institute of technology such as MIT or GIT or CIT.

  2. usaf902

    im in the USAFA right now and i think its a good way. Im here for Aero, it is hard but well worth it in the end. I would tell you that if you have a commitment in computer engineering that you can be offered one of like 8 slots if you meet expectations to go to graduate school right after the academy. it is part of your commitment. The air force will pay for you to go to grad school which counts as part of your 5 years. so you go to school for free, grad school for free, and get 2nd Lt pay… not a bad deal. if you want i can send you a copy of the curriculum book so you see what your class load would look like.

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