Advice for a senior in high school, where should I go career-wise?

By | December 4, 2015

I am a senior in high school. So far I am taking a few online college courses for business. I have lately been listening to my friends and family about doing things smart and taking courses in something that I will be sure to have a boring, average, every-day job in. The thing is, I have always been a dreamer. I have always liked unique, radical things, and I’m pretty much a tomboy. Whatever I do, even if it is a hobby, I put my heart and soul into it. I have lots of things I like to do. When I was young, I was a cowgirl. I always have loved horses, and still own one and try to ride when I can. Although I have never had professional training, I spent many hours in the saddle and dreamed of spending my whole life with horses in some way. As I grew up I gained a wider range of interests: I LOVE cars. Even though I didn’t always understand what I was reading, I like looking at car magazines and dreamed of owning a fast car. Something with 8 cylinders and after-market rims. I also took up the hobby of snowboarding and fell in love with it. For a while I wanted to be a professional snowboarder or have some sort of job in the industry. I currently developed an interest in motor cross. I have always admired dirtbikes/4wheelers/pickups… about anything with an engine. I get straight A’s in school, so academics isn’t the problem. My question is: what direction do I take? Do I settle for a normal job? I have always liked doing things on the edge. Does anyone have some ideas for me? I am also a creative person. Here are some random thoughts I have had:

Snowboard designer
Female motorcross rider (obviously only as a side thing unless I became good enough)
Horse trainer (my own small business)

Are there other jobs in these industries such as marketing that would involve me being around something I love?

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  1. smitmeisters_dad

    Large animal veterinarian – specializing in equine medicine?

    Automotive engineering?

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