AASA Listen to the Silence 2008 Stanford University Asian American Issues Conference

By | November 12, 2015

Listen to the Silence 2008 12th Annual Asian American Issues Conference aasa.stanford.edu to Register! Mission Statement Justice – Today in the 21st century, social justice continues to elude Asian American populations. As globalization enriches some, low-income Asian American immigrant workers in garment factories, hotels, and restaurants continue to suffer from economic exploitation in America. As medical technology advances, socioeconomic and cultural barriers continue to threaten health care access for Asian American populations. Lack of representation in the media and the government continue to render Asian Americans invisible to greater American society. Unity – In the face of injustice, unity is a powerful weapon. To achieve justice, Asian American communities must collectively recognize a broken system, and combine their different experiences and voices to create one powerful, resounding voice that cannot be silenced. United, our community can achieve educational equity, a living wage and benefits for workers, and rights for immigrants. Action – For students, education can provide the initial impetus to pursue social change. But, unless we take visible action and create audible outcry, no change can be implemented or sustained. Our conference workshops highlight the work of those who are taking action in the Asian American community, and who are empowering others in their respective journeys. This year’s theme, Justice, Unity, Action, reflects the need for Asian

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