A question about switching to online courses?

By | August 26, 2015

I am attending college for Insurance Coding and Billing specialist but am noticing that it is interfering with my work. I am considering doing courses online but am unsure if any of my credits will transfer. I also wanted to know, if I do decide to switch, will any of the money that I have put towards this program switch over to online schooling. Am open to any suggestions that anyone may have.

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2 thoughts on “A question about switching to online courses?

  1. Biznitch

    There are so many aspects involved you really should contact the school that you want to transfer to for the online credits.

    If it is the same school, there’s a high possibility that they maybe able to shift your account details over.

    If it is another school, ask them to do a degree audit prior to you enrolling. Just contact the admissions office and ask them who to contact, if not them, with a copy of your transcript to recieve information in what will transfer over form one school to another. This is a very important step, infact, get it in writing.

    Some of the online schools the degree just isn’t as good if you were to get it from a brick and morter institution. If it’s the same school that you’re in, and it’s just an on-line version of the courses, then go with that.

  2. PE2008

    Your money is wasted whether you stay in this on-campus school or switch to online. Most “Coding” degrees are worthless.

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