A cheap, regionally accredited online college?

By | August 28, 2015

I was interested in persuing college online, and I had my mind set on obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology. However, in terms of costs, I was looking for something fairly cheap. Not only this, but I was looking for an online college that was regionally accredited. Does anyone know of a good online college that has these characteristics that I was looking for?

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4 thoughts on “A cheap, regionally accredited online college?

  1. Mac

    I would recommend an online division of a land-based campus. Many community colleges now offer this service. Since it is an associate’s degree that you wish to pursue, look at community colleges in your state to see what your online options will be. You can get in-state tuition and save some money that way.

    I know that Old Dominion University (VA) offers online instruction, but it is for bachelor’s degrees. Still, definitely regionally accredited and has a great support system in place.

  2. Bill

    Your local CC is probably your best bet – most offer on line programs these days. If you more adventurous the Harvard extension school is of course regionally accredited and actually quite cheap at about $700 per subject.

    Forget about Phoenix – they are way overpriced for what you get, and have very poor student satisfaction.


  3. MadameJazzy

    Western Governors University is a regionally accredited online university that pretty cheap. I was a student there and I didn’t particularly like the structure of it. I got very bored and disengaged easily and I didn’t feel like “a part” of the school. I transferred to Capella University and I actually feel a part of the university. I can chat and discuss our assignments with other students in my class and it’s a good school with great instructors who actually challenge you to think and use your critical skills. Even though, it does cost more than WGU, it’s alot better in terms of the online experience being positive and fulfilling.

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