19,prego with fiances baby whos in the army….?

By | December 5, 2015

i was wondering what kind of afforable college courses are there that i can do all online? is my best bet going through a community college? or is there any other advice for doing my college online?(( i dont receive any grants or anything from FAFSA?))

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5 thoughts on “19,prego with fiances baby whos in the army….?

  1. nope

    This isn’t a military-related question… your fiance has zero to do with your education. Since you aren’t married, you aren’t entitled to the free college classes offered on post or the $6,000 grant that was recently passed for Army wives.

  2. acidBURN

    What does you going to college have to do with your babydaddy in the Army? Unless you are married, you get no benefits or privileges that are offered to military dependents.

  3. Savannah

    Find a cheap school since you won’t receive any help from the military. Think about you and your fiances finances also before you select a school. They will expect to get paid on time and you need to ensure you have this money. A community college probably would be the cheapest. If you can wait until you are married, it would be benefical, then you can receive some type of help from the government.

  4. A soldiers girl!! B2B 08.23.10

    Well, since you aren’t married to your finace yet you qualify for nothing, you mean nothing to the military at this point in time, they only care about the wives. Find a cheap community collede online.

  5. windy

    Anyway you are his fiance and you do need to get married to benefit from the military spousal benefits. There is a website military one source that helps you pay for college up to 6000. And other military spousal support scholarships. If he is ever station in california you get free schooling through the bog waiver. And dont have to use that money. because you are technically single and have a child u get up to 3,000 for books and living. it is drastically cut when you get married.

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